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"Amy is a confident strategic thinker who is also adept at translating strategy into action. She has helped us achieve great success in terms of partnership and campaign income"

- Diana Mason, Development Director, World Bicycle Relief

Thoughts & Learnings

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Connecting Up conference in May and I thoroughly enjoyed understanding the challenge not-for-profits are facing in their fundraising and partnership programs. One of the questions at the end was not something I could say I'm an expert in, but it's definitely an issue I've faced.

Okay - I'll be honest, I've changed the name on this one. This is essentially a sales pipeline but because we're working for cause-focused organisations, I think the term opportunity pipeline is more fitting.

Hi, I'm Amy!

I have dedicated my career to cause-focused organisations, and now I want to help as many charities and social enterprises as possible.

If you want to significantly increase your fundraising income in a sustainable way, then I would love to chat. We'll build a simple plan that utilises the resources you already have, so you can get back to doing what you do best - making an impact for the people you serve!

I also love having important conversations on topics that have the power to change the world. If you're looking for a facilitator or MC for your next event who is compassionate and engaging - I might just be the person you need.


You can find a range of ways to work with Amy below. Whether you're just starting out in your journey, you want to sustainably grow your partnerships program or are looking for specific strategic guidance, Amy would love to work with you. Find out more here

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