1-to-1 Fundraising Coaching

Deep dive into your fundraising program with 1-to-1 coaching sessions

Let's change the world together

Does your fundraising program need a little more support? If you're ready to update your strategy or achieve new targets then 1-to-1 Coaching Session are perfect for you.

Sometimes you just need to get to results quickly

If you're looking for a solution to a problem, or not quite sure of your. next step, coaching sessions might be for you.

In a coaching session, we'll work to get quickly up to speed on your current state so we know exactly where to focus to achieve results quickly.

A minimum of three sessions is required to allow time for analysis, research, strategy and planning.

I want to see you and your organisation thrive!

The charity and social enterprise world is made of passionate people who have a great idea. But funding that idea can often be left to the last minute - usually because we hope our big ideas take off and funding will roll in naturally.

But unfortunately the best ideas in the world still need help in getting the word out there, and being ready to accept funding when they do.

Amy knows how to take an important mission and turn it into sustainable income so your organisation can focus on making the greatest impact.

Work with Amy to take the guess work out of fundraising for your business. And I'll make sure we have fun along the way too!

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