Partnerships with Impact

Everything you need to make your cause-focused organisation partner ready in four months.

Secure your future impact through partnerships.

We see you.

Hard working, passionate, and driven to make a difference.

You're an inspiration and we're not the only ones to think so.

But when it comes to increasing income for your organisation, it all seems so overwhelming.

Partnerships with Impact takes the guess work out of building a partnerships program that will increase your income and deliver more impact for your cause.

Over 16 weeks, Partnerships with Impact will show you exactly what to do to build, deliver and grow successful partnerships. 

You don't have to be overwhelmed, burnt out or unsure where to start any more. We've covered all the steps to earn your organisation more income so you can get back to having the greatest impact for your cause.

From launch to securing your first partner...

Partnerships with Impact has been created so you can progress from not knowing where to start, to launching, securing and growing with your first partner.

We've given you all the steps you need to ensure there are no surprises. You know what to expect, and more importantly you're ready if things don't go the way you planned.

And you don't need to create any new programs or events than you're already doing. We'll help you maximise what you're already working on to make it partner-ready to promote.

You're busy already and so is your team. We don't want to add stress. So Partnerships with Impact will help create a sustainable and long-term approach to partnerships.

This course includes templates, processes and how-to's that are already being used to deliver success for organisations around the country.

Who is this course for?

If you're from a charity or social enterprise that has achieved successful outcomes for the people you service, but doesn't currently have an income generating partnership program this is for you.

We'll take you through step-by-step everything you need to do to setup your organisation for partnership success and ensure your team can deliver without being burnt out.

We'll help you overcome the unknowns, any doubts or challenges. We know what partners want and we'll help you deliver in a way that delivers your organisational strategy.

Course Curriculum

In this course, we'll cover the following modules. Each module is drip-fed every fortnight on a Monday. Group coaching occurs on the alternate week, every fortnight on a Wednesday. There is a two week break during the course.

Module 1 - Partnerships Strategy & Alignment

Module 2 - Opportunity Discovery and Outreach

Module 3 - Processes, Automation and Contracts

Module 4 - Impact Delivery

Module 5 - Stewardship and Relationship Building

Module 6 - Reporting

Module 7 - Renewal

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