How to build rapport, no matter how shy you are


I think many people believe the building rapport you need to be done by certain type of person. An outgoing extroverted person who loves to communicate and connect with others. But I would argue that we all have to communicate with others sometimes we just don't have the skills or experience or even practice to know how. So really I believe that rapport building is something that we can learn the matter who we are. You don't have to be the loudest person in the room in fact it's kind of better if you aren't because the secret to rapport building is not talking but listening. So here are my top tips for building rapport with a partner

Number one as I've already alluded to in my above message listening is the top tip for building rapport with your partners. I was discuss this before but it's a psychologically known fact that if in a conversation with a person you spend more time asking questions and listening then talking about yourself the person you're speaking to will walk away feeling like I've had a really great engaging conversation. So it's okay to spend time getting to know your partners. You are working together on a project but wouldn't it be great if you could also build a personal relationship in there. Asking questions about the day about the week listening and responding to what they said not just what you thought is highly imperative to this process. I always take notes if someone tells me that dogs name all the kids names on their birthday or if they're going on a holiday I always know where they went or the name of the dog so I can refer to in the later conversation it's a little little tip that goes a long way.

Number to the on time. I really believe that respect is earned not demanded it's one of the best ways to build rapport with a partner is to show them respect and what are the ways to do that is to be on time for meetings. It goes both ways and a partner that's consistent consistently late to you maybe a sign of disrespect but also just had to full workload which we can be really understanding about. But I I family believe that being on time and present for partners is one of the most respectful ways you can build rapport. No they can rely on you and know that you won't keep them waiting. It's okay if you're late on occasion that's not a problem let them know with as much notice as you can what's happening and where and when you will be available. everyone understand the delays happen but just be really open about why and how and the relationship won't suffer any blows.

Number three another way to build rapport is to be super organised. Your partners are busy in there but 1 million things going on in the inbox is full if you can take responsibility for setting the agenda for the meeting distributing the notes afterwards and making really clear next actions they're going to really enjoy working for you because you're making it easy. I have some patterns that are more organised than me and they do this Chop quite often but it's always good if I can go back with my own thorough follow-ups keynotes and take aways from the meeting. If you can show that you are respectful and communicative and organised in this way are partners gonna really enjoy working with you because you're making it easy for them to get involved.