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Partnership with Impact

Four months to create and launch a partnership program that increases your organisation's impact and income.

From launch to securing your first partner.... Partnerships with Impact has been created so you can progress from not knowing where to start, to launching, securing and growing with your first partner.

We've given you all the steps you need to ensure there are no surprises. You know what to expect, and more importantly you're ready if things don't go the way you planned.

Email hello<at> for more information on this course. 

Campaign Planner Workshop

Is your organisation ready to plan your first campaign? .... From digital appeals, to peer-to-peer or even a Giving Day. There are so many creative ways to engage your community further with your cause.

But deciding on the next step can be the first hurdle. Knowing what will give your organisation the biggest impact while not over stretching your resources is a difficult decision to make.

Work with me to understand what is the best fundraising campaign for your organisation. We'll discuss your goals, capacity and community then build a plan that will deliver to all. 

Email hello @ to find out more about this workshop. 

More courses and downloads coming soon...!