Partnerships Lab

An innovative coaching and networking experience to power up your partnerships program

A learning experience like no other.

The Partnerships Lab invites you to join our community of fundraising professionals. Together, we'll spend time each month brainstorming, creating, collaborating and inspiring the most innovative ways to grow your partnerships program. With a focus on sustainability and maximising impact for the people you serve, the partnerships lab is a powerful networking tool that will change the way you deliver your program.

This is a moderated group coaching experience. The group sessions will drive the content delivered, which focuses on masterclasses with industry experts, a continually growing library of resources, opportunities to share and learn from each other and introductions to corporate organisations currently seeking partnership opportunities.

What is the Partnerships Lab?

A community of NFP and Soc-Ent cause focused individuals who support and learn together in a safe and results driven space.

The focus is to increase income for your organisation. But we understand that all businesses have good and bad days. The Partnerships Lab will be the place you come to innovate, grow and benchmark your current program.

We'll push for results, but we will also champion sustainability. Delivering programs that realise your organisational strategy without sacrificing your team or resource.

If you are looking for ongoing support to deliver an impactful partnerships program for your organisation, the Partnerships Lab is for you.

Who is it for?

If your charity or social enterprise already has a partnerships program in place, but you want to grow and finesse that program - this lab is for you.

Whether you're a founder, leader or team member, if you have partnership or sponsorship responsibilities then you will gain something from this lab - and you'll definitely have something to offer your peers.

Partnerships Lab is the community for cause-focused organisations to ignite their existing program and ensure you deliver more impact than ever before.

Meet Amy - your Partnerships Lab moderator

Thanks so much for checking out the Partnerships Lab - I hope you're as excited as me about joining a group of like-minded professionals to support each other towards realising our goals!

I am laser-focused on securing sustainable, long-term income for your organisation. It's the only way to ensure that you'll be making an impact for years to come!

So let's get together to strategise and activate your partnerships program.

I've been working in partnerships, fundraising and marketing for 20 years. I've made millions of dollars for charities and social enterprises and most recently while working at Code Like a Girl, I've increased their partnerships income by 200% in less than 2 years.

If you want to double your partnerships income without causing your team burn out - I've definitely got some ideas. 

Join us in the Partnerships Lab to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the group sessions held?

Held monthly from 11am - 12pm AEST on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

When are the monthly masterclasses held?

Masterclasses will be held on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on the availability of the speaker. 6 weeks notice will be given of all masterclass dates and times and sessions will be recorded for Partnerships Lab community who can't attend

Where are sessions held?

All sessions are held remotely. You will be sent calendar invites the month before each session

Can I connect with Amy and the other group members outside of group session?

Of course! A Slack Channel will be created for all current group members. It's a place to chat, connect, share and add agenda items for the next session.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with the Partnerships Lab, reach out to us at <hello at> to discuss your issues. While we don't offer refunds for services utilised, we will work to ensure your experience is satisfactory. 

Because of the nature of the Partnerships Lab, we recommended a minimum three-month commitment to decide if this container is right for you. We encourage you to get involved in the group sessions to maximise your investment

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